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7 Tips for Keeping Your Dog’s Area Clean and Odour-Free

Are you concerned about maintaining your pooch’s health? Like human beings, canine creatures need a hygienic environment to stay fit and playful throughout the year. Muddy paws, dog fur, and faeces make the house dirty. It is essential to clean the grimy and filthy dog areas. With a minimal effort, you can eliminate the unpleasant stink and dirt.

Dogs are found in various breeds, but regardless of the canine species, cleanliness is a vital factor in keeping them healthy. You can now check below for a few tips for maintaining an odour-free and clean dog’s area.

Wash Your Beloved Pooch’s Bed

The small pet’s bed is the best place where your dog feels cosy. However, the soft bedding may become unpleasant if it emits odour. So, you must clean your dog’s bed regularly. Sprinkle some baking soda into the bed and eliminate odour from the bedding. Check for the washing instructions before dealing with the bed. Also, check out The PetLab for leading products. 

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Smooth airflow is another significant factor for reducing odour in your pet’s zone. A well-ventilated place keeps your dog’s bed free from excess moisture. Better ventilation also eliminates the toxic waste from your doggie’s waste. Thus, make sure there are open windows and fans close to the dog’s bed and kennel. You may also use air purifiers to purify the air and create a fresh environment. It will also protect your dogs from airborne diseases.

Introduce Good Fragrance

Scented candles and air fresheners will not prevent the release of doggy smells. But, they will disguise the bad smell from your dog’s area. However, you should purchase pet-friendly air fresheners to avoid any adverse effects on your dogs. 

Dry Your Wet Pooch Properly

Has your dog just taken a bath in a pool? Its fur has now become wet. So, let your canine dry its hair. Use a hair dryer or a towel to dry the fur. Choose the cool setting of the hair dryer to ensure no discomfort to your dog or other pets. 

Replace The Old Dog’s Collar With A New One

Most pet owners do not know that their dogs’ collars are the primary source of bad smells. Some collars are easily washable and are made from quality materials. However, if they have become old, purchase a new collar.

Clean Your Pet’s Paws

You should place a towel or an absorbent mat near the door. When your dog enters the room, its paws will naturally be clean. It will not bring any smelly things to your room.

Maintain Cleaning Frequency

Your dog’s kennel regularly gathers germs and viruses. If you leave them untreated, they will spread everywhere. If you have multiple dogs, you should increase the cleaning frequency. Use sanitising products to treat the kennel’s surface and kill the germs.

You can try out these tips for keeping your canine pet’s area clean. You should focus on indoor and outdoor kennels to ensure a sanitary space for your lovely doggie.