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Higgs Domino Gets Hit with a Region Lock

The popular online game that is played by millions in Asia has recently been region-locked by developer Higgs Games. This can be attributed to the game being the focal point of discussion regarding online game addiction, specifically in Indonesia. While Higgs Domino Island and its international version, Higgs Domino Global, appear unassuming casual games at first glance, they have come under scrutiny and criticism for their connection with online gambling. That said, one cannot deny that the free-to-play game offers a huge collection of classic card and board games with a unique modern twist for hours upon hours of entertainment.

How Long will the Restriction Last?

As of this writing, Higgs Domino has yet to lift the region lock or has provided any update as to when said restriction will be removed. The developer published a statement on May 6, 2024, stating that due to the large number of players logging into the game from countries where it has not yet been officially released, they saw fit to restrict access until they come up with a fair solution. However, it is possible that this is merely them doing damage control due to the game being on the proverbial hot seat due to a controversy in Indonesia. The restriction imposed on Higgs Domino Global is laughably flimsy, as it can be easily sidestepped with a VPN.

That said, players can circumvent this restriction quite easily by simply utilizing any VPN of their choice to change their region to one where the game is still available. No worries, as you can still top up Domino coins without any issues even with this method applied.

Higgs Domino Official Updates

The latest version of Higgs Domino Global is still v2.27, which went live on March 15, 2024. The update added three new games:

  • Mahjong Ways
  • Wild Chess
  • Magic Othello

Players can expect another update soon that will most likely address some of the concerns regarding the controversy that the game is embroiled in currently. Of course, the path to victory when playing any of Higgs Domino Island’s various fun games will depend on a mixture of strategy and luck. That said, who is to stop you from utilizing third-party software to further shift the odds in your favor? Or at least, assist you during the more menial parts of the game? There is the popular Speeder app that is pretty explanatory of what it does, which is to speed up the waiting in these types of games.

For fans of tile games like dominoes or other traditional card and board games, Higgs Domino Island is certainly one of the most enjoyable games to have on your phone. With such a vast number of registered players, your skills in your particular game will surely be put to the test. The millions of active players also mean that queuing for an online match won’t leave you hanging for more than a minute. Currently, Higgs Domino Island is available on Android and iOS devices.

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