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In Need of a Sexual Harassment Lawyer | Call an Attorney at Our Law Firm in Los Angeles

sexual harassment lawyer Los Angeles

Los Angeles workers enduring sexual harassment find the work environment volatile. These employees go to work frightened and distressed, uncertain how to move forward with reporting the incidents when they occur. These occurrences can include unwanted jokes, blatant offers, verbal comments, and physical acts.

One of the primary ways to become informed on sexual harassment laws and learn whether what you’re experiencing falls into that category is to reach out to a sexual harassment lawyer Los Angeles.

These legal experts specialize in this aspect of the law and will use their knowledge to help you find solutions and protect your rights.

When coming to work, each staff member is expected to uphold a code of conduct. Employees presume the workplace is one where they’re safe and can perform their duties without fear or intimidation.

Sexual harassment creates a hostile environment, breaking California sexual harassment laws. Reach out for a free legal consultation to discuss your options.


What To Know When Considering a Sexual Harassment Claim in Los Angeles


Staff assume when entering the workplace, the environment is safe and free of hostility. When an employee is forced to endure blatant offers, physical acts, unwanted jokes, verbal comments, and on, the workspace becomes one of intimidation and distress.

Many employees need clarification on the protocol for dealing with these actions on the job. Some fear losing their position or having retaliation if they report the incidents. The best way to handle what is illegal behavior is to reach out to a sexual harassment attorney.


These professionals specialize in this aspect of the law. They can assess the case to determine if you have grounds for a claim and ensure your rights are protected. Before pursuing a lawyer it’s important to become informed on a few factors. Learn about sexual harassment at and then follow here for things to make yourself aware of.

How is sexual harassment defined?

Sexual harassment involves more than merely enduring improper behavior from a fellow employee like unwanted advances. While employees often consider offensive comments and physical acts as being primarily linked to the behavior, it can be more involved.

Discriminatory behavior can also be deemed in this category when it’s based on gender whether it’s female or male. If you’re being overlooked for advancements or other opportunities or if you’re being forced on shifts or given a different workload this can also be construed as sexual harassment.

What is your company’s policy?

All companies should have a distinct policy that staff is aware of, with specific steps to follow when they feel the environment has become unsafe or hostile. This protocol will allow them to file a claim with the appropriate department head or manager.

Whether in an employee handbook or a contract, the protocol should be readily accessible and detailed.

It should indicate the specific individual to reach out to with a report, the evidence to produce with your report, and what to do if the manager doesn’t follow through with your report. Each step should be followed in the order as stated.

What will happen if you resign?

When being abused on the job, the first instinct is to leave the position immediately. Unfortunately, if you’re not a staff member according to Los Angeles jurisdiction you wouldn’t be able to claim harassment on that company’s policy.

It would be easier to proceed with legal proceedings if you were able to file a claim. Leaving your position is a personal choice only you can make, but if you believe that’s your only recourse, it’s important to take that step after you follow through with your case. Go here for details on California sexual harassment laws.

Understand your defense

Many people fail to file claims for fear of repercussions like loss of employment or worse harassment. When a claim has been filed, it’s unlawful for a company to retaliate” under Title VII,” which also defends you as a potential witness for another staff member.

Be sure to become familiar with your rights. When having the consult with the attorney, the expert will offer guidance. If you’re unclear or have any questions or concerns, you must go over these details so you’re clear before heading to the hearing.

The company will investigate

When filing a sexual harassment claim, it’s the employer’s responsibility to investigate the circumstances further. In doing so, the entire workplace must become involved in the process.

In that same vein, the individual you reported will be made aware of a claim against them despite the employer’s attempts to maintain anonymity.

If the harasser makes a habit of abusing many people in the workplace, it won’t be as easy to narrow down who reported them. But usually, that’s not the case. Often, there’s one victim, and the harasser will know precisely who filed the claim.

Termination of the harasser is unlikely

Hiring a sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles to file a claim against a harasser doesn’t mean that an individual will lose their job. Unless there has been excessive abuse or it has been extreme, termination is unlikely. The employer will be expected to take steps to prevent this behavior.

The harasser can be transferred to a different department, training programs can be implemented, and ensuring the two of you don’t have interactions are some measures to make the work environment more friendly and a place where you can thrive again.

Final Thought

If you’re in a work environment where you feel unsafe or intimidated regularly, you need to follow your company’s sexual harassment protocol step-by-step to attempt to rectify the situation.

If your manager doesn’t follow through with a solution, reach out to a sexual harassment attorney to learn your rights from that point. Understanding what sexual harassment is and the fact that you don’t need to tolerate it is the first step in defending yourself. Visit Here for more details.

You can help put a stop to sexual harassment in the workplace without the threat of retaliation including loss of employment or further abuse. Take a stance so you can enjoy a friendly, productive workspace.