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Jason Mcintyre Net Worth/ A Complete Biography

Jason Mcintyre Net Worth

MacIntyre was born on 20 September 1973 in Lochgilphead, Argyll and Bute, Scotland. Jason McIntyre is a prominent figure in the media industry, known for his insightful sports analysis. His career spans various roles in sports journalism and broadcasting. This article explores his career achievements and estimates his net worth.

Career Highlights

Jason McIntyre started his career as a sports writer. He quickly made a name for himself with his sharp analysis. His work caught the attention of larger networks. He founded the sports blog “The Big Lead” in 2006. This move significantly boosted his profile in the industry. In 2010, McIntyre sold “The Big Lead” to Fantasy Sports Ventures. This sale marked a pivotal moment in his career.

After selling his blog, McIntyre continued to expand his reach. He joined Fox Sports as a writer and on-air personality. His roles at Fox Sports varied, enhancing his visibility and influence. He contributes to FS1’s daily shows and offers analysis on college basketball and the NFL. These roles have solidified his reputation as a trusted sports analyst.

Estimating Jason McIntyre’s Net Worth

Jason McIntyre net worth is $3 million. His earnings come from his sports blog, media appearances, and roles at Fox Sports. His early career as a journalist also contributed to his financial foundation.

Sources of Income

Jason McIntyre’s primary source of income has been his sports blog, “The Big Lead.” The sale of the blog likely provided him with significant capital. His roles at Fox Sports add a substantial amount to his annual earnings. These roles include being an on-air personality and contributing writer. Additionally, McIntyre may have other income streams from guest appearances and sponsorships.

Jason Mcintyre Twitter

Jason McIntyre is active on Twitter, regularly sharing his insights on sports, engaging in discussions, and interacting with his audience. His tweets often cover a wide range of topics in sports, including football and basketball, and he is known for his in-depth analysis and predictions. McIntyre’s Twitter presence is marked by a mix of sports commentary, humor, and personal reflections, making it a dynamic platform for sports fans and followers to stay updated with his views and sports news.


Jason McIntyre has a significant following on Twitter, with 92.9K Followers followers.  He joined Twitter in  January 2009. His tweets frequently receive thousands of likes and retweets, indicating a high level of engagement from his audience.

Jason Mcintyre Wife

Jason McIntyre is married to Amy Lynn DiBenedetto. The couple exchanged their wedding vows on April 22, 2007, at Gloria Dei Church in Philadelphia. Their wedding was performed by an Episcopal priest, The Rev. D. Joy Segal. They got engaged a year earlier, in 2006, during a trip to Thailand and the Maldives.

Jason Mcintyre Family

Jason McIntyre is a dedicated family man. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Amy Lynn DiBenedetto, and their two children. While specific details about his children are not extensively publicized, it is clear that family is a central aspect of his life. McIntyre often shares heartwarming family photos and experiences on his social media platforms, showcasing his role not just as a sports analyst but also as a devoted husband and father.

Jason Mcintyre Fox

Jason McIntyre is a prominent sports analyst at Fox Sports, where he has significantly impacted sports media and betting analysis. He joined FS1 in 2016 and has since appeared on various shows across the network. His role includes being a gambling analyst and contributing writer focusing on the NFL and NBA Draft. In 2017, McIntyre expanded his influence by producing gambling content related to the NFL, college football, and NBA for Fox Sports. Additionally, he is a regular co-host on “The Herd,” discussing sports news and providing insights.

Jason Mcintyre High School

Jason McIntyre completed his high school education at a local high school in his hometown. Following his high school graduation, he attended James Madison University, where he graduated in 2000 with a concentration in journalism. This educational background set the stage for his successful career in sports journalism and media.

Jason Mcintyre Soccer Team Owner

Jason McIntyre is part owner of a Liga MX soccer club, Necaxa. He joined an ownership group that includes notable figures like real estate investor Al Tylis and DC United Chief Strategy Officer Sam Porter. This involvement in soccer club ownership adds another dimension to his diverse career in sports media and analysis.

Financial Impact of Media Roles

McIntyre’s position at Fox Sports plays a crucial role in his financial status. Being a regular on national television provides him not only with a steady income but also with opportunities for brand endorsements. These endorsements can be lucrative, adding to his overall net worth.

Jason McIntyre’s Influence in Sports Media

Jason McIntyre is not just a sports analyst but an influencer in the media world. His opinions and analyses shape how audiences view games and players. His ability to interpret game dynamics and player performance has earned him a dedicated following.

Impact of “The Big Lead”

The Big Lead” was more than just a blog; it was a trendsetter in sports journalism. Under McIntyre’s leadership, it provided deep dives into sports stories that other outlets often overlooked. This approach not only attracted readers but also set new standards for sports journalism. The success of “The Big Lead” contributed to McIntyre’s reputation as an innovative media figure.


Jason McIntyre’s journey in the media industry is a testament to his expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. His net worth, while not publicly disclosed, is estimated to be significant, reflecting his success across various platforms. As he continues his career, his influence and financial success are likely to grow further.