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Outdoor Patio Furniture Kalamazoo Endures Abuse with Proper Care and Upkeep

outdoor patio furniture Kalamazoo

Patio furniture must withstand much abuse. Aside from the consistent up-and-down and jostling around in the seat, food drops, and beverage spills, it must withstand weather conditions as the year progresses and seasons change.

Depending on whether you take it in when the winter sets in, the extreme of a Michigan winter with the blustery wind, frigid temperatures, and heavy snowfall can wreak havoc on outdoor patio furniture Kalamazoo.

In that same vein, sitting in direct sunlight in warm temperatures can affect the coloring, while moisture impacts the integrity. With proper care and upkeep, these abuses don’t have to ruin the pieces, leaving you to replace them each year.

Instead, you can enjoy functional, aesthetically pleasing furniture for an extended duration. What is the best way to maintain patio furniture for utility and longevity? Let’s review some helpful tips and tricks.

Helpful Hints for Maintaining Outdoor Patio Furniture

When selling outdoor patio furniture in Kalamazoo, manufacturers will provide tips and tricks for proper care and upkeep of various materials.

Following these suggestions will help the set withstand standard abuses of kids jumping up and down on the furniture, food, and beverages dropping on the surfaces, not to mention weather conditions.

The seasons bring rain and wind pounding the pieces, sun discoloring the material, and, if you leave it out, a harsh winter in Michigan consisting of frigid temperatures and heavy snow. How can you prevent early deterioration and yearly replacements? Here are a few tips.

Clean the outdoor patio furniture

The furnishings need routing cleaning regardless of the material. As they come out in the spring, the pieces will be cleaned to rid the furniture of dust and debris accumulated while in storage. As they sit out over the summer, they should be regularly maintained every few weeks.

Wood needs an oil-based wood cleaner to nourish it and keep it from cracking and drying out. Metal offers a more durable surface that will benefit from a multi-purpose cleaner to avoid the possibility of rust. With metal or steel pieces, the joints should be tested for moveability.

If it creaks or makes a noise that sounds rusty, WD40 will help loosen the joints and eliminate the grime built up there.

Cushioned furniture should be handled according to the tag instructions. Some covers can be removed and laundered; however, if they are stitched to the cushion, they must be cleaned with water and mild soap.

A power washer’s intensity is too strong for patio furniture and could damage it. It’s important to be gentle when cleaning the materials. For tips on cleaning and caring for outdoor furniture, visit

The tricky nature of wicker

While wicker is a favored material for outdoor patio furniture, its nooks and crannies allow dirt and grime to cling, making it a challenge to clean. The recommendation is to vacuum the furniture first and gently use a garden hose to pull out the dirt from each area.

After the hose, a damp cloth with a mild solution will remove the remaining debris that could stick to the material. It’s wise to consider a protective coating following the cleaning, like a clear varnish, once each year. That’s a good idea, especially when the set is left out during the extreme Kalamazoo winter.

Metal can rust

A primary issue with metal furniture is that it can develop rust spots if neglected. When rust is noticed while cleaning, steel wool can be used to remove the spots.

After these are removed, the material will need to be wiped down, and the surfaces touched up with paint to protect the exposed metal, which will be more vulnerable to further rusting.

The furniture is not in use

The furniture not is use

When the weather is extreme in the worst part of the winter, and you know you’ll be staying inside, the recommendation is to pack up and store the outdoor patio furniture until spring. The set can be kept in the basement, a shed, or the garage, an out-of-the-way location.

The material can be severely damaged when exposed to excessive moisture, high winds, and bitter elements. If you cannot store the furniture, prioritize bringing at least the cushions indoors, along with anything you can remove.

The frames should be covered with a protective tarp or cloth. This might not completely prevent exposure to moisture, but it can help decrease the impact of hail and direct sunlight.

With wood and wicker furniture, an extra protectant involves applying a paste wax specifically for your material type. View here for care guidance for patio furnishings.

Final Thought

These tips and tricks will allow optimum utility, an appealing presence for you and your guests, and less chance of replacing pieces from standard abuse or weather conditions. Patio furniture in Kalamazoo can last for years, depending on its care and upkeep.